Renew Your SSL Certificate

Renew Your SSL Certificate


This article provides step-by-step instructions for renewing an SSL certificate, such as a DomainSSL or OrganizationSSL certificate. If this is not the solution you are looking for, please search for your solution in the search bar above.


To start the Renewal Process log into your GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) account. Once you have logged into your account please follow the instructions below:
  1. Select the SSL Certificates tab as shown below.
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_1.jpg
  2. Select Upcoming Renewals, Search Order History, or Find Order to look up the certificate you are looking to renew. In this example Find Order was selected.
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_2.jpg
  3. Click Search to display all of your SSL certificates.
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_3.jpg
  4. Click Renew next to the certificate you are renewing.
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_4.jpg
  5. The process will now walk you through the purchasing process for the certificate. Complete the Product Details including the product type, any promotional codes you have to use, and select the validity period. Click Continue.Renew Your SSL Certificate_5.jpg
  6. Provide the Point of Contact information. Click Continue.
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_6.jpg
  7. You will need to provide a self-generated CSR on the Enter Your CSR here box as shown below. Click ContinueNote: GlobalSign no longer supports AutoCSR. 
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_7.jpg
  8. There are three methods for approving your order. If you would like to use email for approving the order then please select an address from the provided list. there are also options for using a website meta-tag or a DNS text record for verifying domain ownership. Instructions for approving your order with meta-tags is available on the support site as well. 
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_10.jpg
  9. Provide Payment Information. Note: for demonstration purposes a free coupon code was used to process this order. Click Continue
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_11.jpg
  10. Confirm the Certificate Details and accept the Subscriber Agreement. Click Continue.
    Renew Your SSL Certificate_12.jpg
If email verification was chosen as your approval method then you will need to respond to the approval email you will receive after completing the order. If you selected an inaccessible approval email address the email may not be received. Please contact support if you need to change your approval email on the order. 
Renew Your SSL Certificate_13.jpg
Once you have approved the order the certificate will be ready for download once it has gone through the vetting process. This varies depending on the type of certificate you have ordered, typically anywhere from one to three business days. Once the vetting process has been completed you will receive an email notifying you that your certificate is ready for pickup.

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