Alpha SSL FAQs

Alpha SSL FAQs

What is AlphaSSL?

AlphaSSL by GlobalSign is an easy, basic and simple single Domain SSL Certificate, that can be issued fast and covers your site with GlobalSign trust. This will also provide an option to purchase a wildcard Certificate to cover unlimited number of subdomains. It’s the quickest way to instill your
client base with trust that your website is secure. 

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?


In an ever-growing online market, it’s important to ensure your site is safe, and that sites you visit are trustworthy, that’s where SSL comes in! An SSL Certificate is a cryptographic signature that certifies your site as being who it says it is for your visitors. The little padlock in the corner of your browser, next to a URL, means that URL has been covered by an SSL, issued by a trusted CA (Certificate Authority) such as GlobalSign.

How do I order an AlphaSSL?

 Is the place to go to get your order started, but before this you will need to have created a CSR

How do I get access to my account for an AlphaSSL?

Multiple times in this article you will notice we mention gaining access to your account. To do so, please contact our support team via

A security phone call will be placed to the registered person of contact on your account and we can then guide you through the log in process.  

What is an approval email?


Approval emails are a method of validating your domain, just like DNS TXT and the HTTP metatag. It’s an email sent to one of a list of approved email addresses on your domain, or the domain’s WHOIS email. 

Why can't I just use my regular Email Address?

To verify ownership of the domain we MUST send the email to one of the pre-arranged addresses which include things like Admin@, Postmaster@, Webmaster@ (All being @your domain) and the address registered to your domain’s WHOIS record, if one exists.

Help! I cannot find my approval email.

Simply contact our support team, who will be more than happy to re-transmit the email, or even change it to another from the approved list for you.

How do I cancel an Alpha SSL?

Sometimes things go wrong, you may have ordered for the wrong common name, forgotten your pick up password, or want to upgrade to a different Certificate type. In this case, you would need to cancel your Certificate. This can only be done UP TO SEVEN DAYS AFTER the issuance of your Certificate, as this is your cool down period.
To cancel, you will need to acquire access to your account by Contacting the Support Team for account access before following this guide:

How do I reissue an Alpha SSL?

A new key pair can be required for multiple reasons, for example if you have lost your private key, or require your Certificate to be installed onto multiple servers. This can be done with ease by first Contacting the Support Team for account access before following this guide:

How do I renew an Alpha SSL?


When your Certificate begins to near its expiration date, you may well wish to order a replacement for it. You can renew your Certificate 30 days prior to expiry date and 7 days after.  To do so with ease, you can simply renew from within your account by Contacting the Support Team for account access before following this guide:

What is a CSR?


The CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is usually generated before an order is placed and is used to pair the Certificate we issue you (The public key) with the .key file you generate alongside the CSR (Known as the private key

How do I generate a CSR?


There are multiple methods you can use to generate a CSR, but we highly recommend using one based on your server you intend to install onto.  This saves you the hassle of hunting for your private key post issuance. You can see multiple options on this guide here:

What is my Private Key?


As mentioned earlier in this article, the Private Key is one half of your Certificate’s "Key Pair" which is required for a successful installation. When creating the CSR for your order, it will automatically generate a .key file, which will match up uniquely to your Certificate ordered with that same CSR.

What if I lose my Private Key?


Not to worry! You will be able to generate a new one by creating a new CSR and use it to reissue your Certificate. This will match that new key, without any effect on your current Certificate, and no change to its end date or details. See more about reissuing your AlphaSSL here (link to Reissue FAQ).

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