How to Order a New Code Signing Certificate

May 25, 2024


This article provides step-by-step instructions for ordering a new Code Signing Certificates (EV,OV, EV HSM & OV HSM) as the requirement..
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Step-by-step Guidelines

  1. Log into your GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) account if you already have one, and select the Document, Code and Email Signing tab.

  2. Press the Order Certificate icon, as shown in the diagram below. This will redirect you to the Ordering Certificate window.

  3. Select the Product Group, then select the Product, and click Next. This will bring you to the Certificate Application page.
    Note: In this example, EV CodeSigning is selected.

  4. On the Certificate Application window, complete the Product Details, including the desired validity period, any campaign or coupon codes if you have any, and the appropriate key generation options. Then, click Next.
    Note: - Make Sure to tick the option:- I will use a FIPS140-2 device to generate Private Key for my Normal Code Signing or EV Code Signing certificate.

  5. Provide the Certificate Identity Details. Create your temporary Pickup Password. Please make sure to retain this password, as you will need it later in the installation process. If you forget this password, you will need to resubmit your order. Click Next.

  6. Provide your payment details. Then click Next.

  7. Please fill all the details related to the order and accept the Subscriber Agreement. Lastly, click Complete.

  8. You have now successfully placed an order.


What happens Next? You will receive an email with confirmation details and any further instructions depending on the level of vetting required.

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