Common Errors - FDA ESG

Mar 23, 2023

Common Errors - FDA ESG

  1. Error: "Could Not Retrieve Private Key"
    This error may occur if the user incorrectly enters the pass phrase to their certificate. Be sure to remember the pass phrase to your certificate as this information is only known by the certificate owner and cannot be retrieved elsewhere.
    This error may also occur when a user attempts to sign an FDA ESG submission within their WebTrader Account by using a file that does not contain a private key. Make sure the file you are selecting has the extension .pfx (Personal Information Exchange).
  2. Error: "Message signed with certificate that is not configured on the sender."
    When sending a submission to the FDA ESG, it is signed using the private key of your digital certificate. The FDA ESG must have the corresponding public key (a ".cer" or ".p7b" file) from the same certificate stored in your WebTrader account in order to verify the signature. To fix this error, please follow the instructions for updating your public key.
  3. Error: "Certificate is expired or is not yet valid"
    You may see this error even when your certificate is still valid. The .pfx used to sign submissions contains more than just your certificate. It also contains a GlobalSign Intermediate certificate that is periodically updated. If you receive this error and your certificate is still valid, re-export your private key and use the newly exported file to process submissions. Re-exporting will pull the updated Intermediate certificate into the .pfx.

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